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Hey all! got another special mix this week! It’s been 6 weeks since my last full on psytrance mix so I thought that it’s time to take you all on another psychedelic journey in this weeks show! There is a bit more Progressive Psy in this mix but it’s still definitely pretty damn good! Got some amazing tracks lined up for in this weeks mix from the likes of Coming Soon, Royal Flash, Astrix, Outsiders and many more! I hope you enjoy this weeks mix!

Press play to begin psychedelic journey.

Trance Therapy 107


01. Intro
02. Coming Soon, Bryan Kearney - Activate (Original Mix) 
03. Manmachine - Where’s Cynthia? (Original Mix)
04. Avshi - Sunset Blues (Original Mix)
05. Fasma - Spiritual Energy (Original Mix)
06. Royal Flush - A.D.H.D (Original Mix)
07. Side Effects - Time Bender (Original Mix)
08. Krama - Volcanic (Original Mix)
09. Alter Nature - You Activate Me (Original Mix)
10. Durs - Superstition (Original Mix)
11. Querox - Dirty Beat Drop (Monod Remix)
12. Coming Soon - Wait For It (Original Mix)
13. Class A - Beautiful Eyes (Original Mix)
14. Astrix - Dharma (Original Mix)
15. Outsiders - Brainstorm (Original Mix)
16. Azax Syndrom - Vicious Mind (Original Mix)
17. Electro Sun vs Audiotec - Future Elements (Original Mix)
18. Outsiders - Cosmology (Original Mix) 
19. Slackjoint - Spooky (Original Mix)
20. ZikiMoto - Maniac (Cosmic Tone Remix) 
21. Gataka - Dreaming Mode (Aquatica Remix)

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